Customer Service Training

Your staff will be a major factor in your business. Why not invest in them? If you want your business to grow, invest in your employees. “Train people well enough to leave, treat them well enough that they won’t want to’ – Richard Branson. Your employees are your greatest asset, let us help you nurture them. Below are the different service packages we offer.

Rue de Rivoli Training


  • Free Training Needs Assessment
  • Number of staff 2-5
  • 3 Hour Training Session
  • Strategies to implement- post training
  • Two- week follow-up post training

This is a customised training only. We will have virtual breakdown session to discuss the needs of your staff and then charter the course forward on how to improve the customer experience.

Passages Couvert Training Package


  • Free Training Needs Assessment
  • Number of staff 5-10
  • 3 Hour Training Session
  • Strategies to implement- post training
  • Two- week follow-up post training
  • Design of X Factor

This training package was designed with added benefit of designing a X factor that makes you stand out from your competitors. This along with the customer service training makes for a refresher for most small businesses.

Champs-ElyseƩs Training Package


  • Free Training Needs Assessment
  • Number of staff 10-20
  • 3 Hour Training Session
  • Strategies to implement- post training
  • Two- week follow-up post training
  • Design of X Factor
  • Build a customer review sheet and ways to implement
  • Proof-read SOPs(standard operating procedures)
  • Build out a customer journey

The elite package is a more robust package for the business that wants to completely redesign their customer experience and not just train their staff in customer service. This package is aimed at combining my signature program with training needs.

The Bleu Revue

The Bleu Revue is our Signature Program that seeks to build a culture of getting customer feedback and using that to create an Elevated Customer Experience.

This program aims at discovering the loop holes in the customer journey. We will work with you to charter an elevated CX that allows businesses to find the ideal way to get feedback from their shoppers and then leverage that to create a uniquely designed buying process that:

  • Encourages repeat sales
  • Increases customer referrals through word of mouth
  • Mininimizes customer complaints
  • Builds brand loyalty

The customer is your ticket to a booming business, this project will seek to ensure that they will walk away feeling:

  • They got bang for buck, a unique factor added, they will walk away feeling they got a bargain, they got a premium experience without the premium price tag.
  • Easier and more efficient buying process as each step would have been mapped to ensure no mishaps and if one should occur, how best ho handle it.
  • We would have created a euphoric feeling through the above processes which leads to the shopper getting a sense of being valued by the seller as a method of collecting feedback would be built in to the new journey.


Tranformation Package

  • Full business audit
  • Brainstorming session about your vision for your business
  • Design of a new customer centric journey that increases sales and referrals
  • Full build out map detailing the journey
  • SOP’s for your new customer journey

This package is designed for the entrepreneur or business that is looking to fully redesign their customer experience journey. This package is more robust than our Innovation Package. This package takes a full dive into your current business set up and structure and then a breakdown into the processes. This results in a new and a more client centric approach to the customer journey. This will be done over a period of 2 weeks.

Innovation Package

  • Customer Journey Audit
  • Brainstorm brand’s vision
  • Design a new customer journey

This package is for the entrepreneur who just needs a On The Go consultation on how to improve their customer journey. This is a 2 hour breakdown session.

After our very first meeting, it appeared as if I was about to make a good investment for my business. Nope, I was completely wrong, it was a GREAT investment.

The Bleu Canvas is essential for any startup or existing business, having a clear picture of your process flow and customer experience journey is mandatory!

Highly satisfied client – Merrick Cousley Photography

My staff needs Customer Service Training!

No doubt your buyers are your second biggest asset. Your first is your staff. Train them to represent your brand and you need not worry about marketing, your customers got you.

I need help refreshing my customer Experience!

Streamlining and standing out from our competition is all bout growth. This program looks at using customers’ reviews and creating an X factor to elevate their buying experience.

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