What is touchpoint mapping and how can it improve your customer buying experience for your shoppers?

The sum of all interactions with your brand.

What is a touch point?

Simply put, it’s every single time a buyer sees or hears anything about your business.

We call them touch points. From the moment someone starts interacting with your business it’s considered a touch point. A facebook ad, an IG post, an email sent, purchasing at the register, entering the door of your store/office, a friend telling them about your business. Even, how you answer a call, handle return items, all the post purchase actions as well, are considered a touch point.

Most shoppers are emotional shoppers, so we buy based on a connection that we feel with that brand. But imagine, getting them in the door through your well planned marketing efforts, only for them to walk away because your store had a pungent odour or because they sent you a message/email and you took three days to reply.

Customers now have options at their finger tips and you could lose a sale to a competitor all because of a breakdown along the customer buying journey.

So how do we minimize this? We mitigate, by looking at all the possible scenarios a customer could come into contact with your brand and we create a map that outlines the steps along the buying journey.


For example, a customer sees a beautifully designed flier that you placed at your local grocery store about affordable luxury baby clothes. They take a detour on the way home to see what you have that they can purchase. They get to the store, it’s dark and musky. Then, all they see are adult clothes and a sloppy nonchalant cashier who doesn’t acknowledge them when they stepped in. The customer still strolls over to the cashier to ask about the affordable luxury baby clothes. The cashier doesn’t look up, but instead points to a lonely rack at the back of the store. Customer goes over and finds 2 nice items and goes back to the cashier to purchase. She makes the purchase and leaves. She calls 2 days later to complain to the manager about the state of the store and the cashier’s attitude. The manager simply asks if she is pleased with the quality of the products.

Do you think this would be a returning customer, let alone a customer that refer other friends to that store? That is highly unlikely.

So how does touch point mapping help?

If you had a well thought out map that detailed every single action and feeling that you would like your customer to experience, then the chances of a return sale or word of mouth marketing is increased.

Most small business are focused on getting new customers rather that nurturing current ones. But if we are to stay afloat and make a profit in business and grow, we have to learn to put the ALL customers first.

If you can get into your customer’s mind and build out the exact steps along the buying chain and find a broken or missing link then the ideal scenario for creating an elevated experience is in the making.

Hence, this is why creating a customer journey map is absolutely crucial in designing how your customers will interact with your brand. You control how the customer perceives your brand.

So if you want to create an elevated customer experience (CX) then take some time to draw a map or flow chart so that you can fix or improve any broken path along your customer’s journey.

If this still sounds like you can’t quite figure it out, but know that you need help, check out my services to see the different packages that may suit your business needs.


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