How it Works

How can a well a well trained employee level up your customer experience?

Are you ready to elevate your customer experience?

We build trust through consistently providing the same level of service or product each time in the exact same way or better at every purchase.

The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations, is to know those expectations.

Roy. H. Williams (

In this workshop we will be focusing on 4 pillars for customer success.

What’s included in the workshop

  • 1 free 30 minute discovery call
  • 2 hour breakdown strategy session via Zoom
  • 1 Hour staff needs assessment
  • 3 hour staff intensive training workshop

Who is this for?

This is for the frustrated boss who can’t pinpoint what needs to be changed along the customer journey

This is for the business that knows that their employees are the true sales drivers

This is for the business that wants to elevate their customer experience and dominate the market

This is for the boss that wants to level up their sales and improve the internal employee commitment and communication

Book your free 30 minute discovery call.


The experience went above my expectations. The process was very thorough and personalized to my business needs.

Boutique Intuition-Tyanna Harriott

My vision was concisely compiled and presented in a vibrant, informative, yet creative and interactive way to my staff, who at the end, admits they thought it would be a ‘boring presentation’.

I’ve seen a lot of changes so far, one of the best investments I made for my business.

360 Dental-Dr. Chinel Lee

We think you are wonderful. We are greatly appreciative and will hope to come back to you soon.

Guud Marketing Co.

Ellimac Designs can’t do without you……fun and professionally efficient.

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