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What is Human Resource Management?

HRM or Human resource management is the practice to manage employees and fulfil organizational requirements. Human resource management is an approach to meet one’s requirements and motivate them to perform at their best…The prime function of HRM is to fulfil staff needs and employee experience. – Pocket HRMS

As someone who has had experience several times in the past dealing with feelings stricken managers and a HR department that is less than competent to perform due diligence to all, I can safely say, in the Jamaican boxing arena that is Corporate Jamaica, junior staff always gets the short end of the stick. So is HR friend or foe?

How many times have you heard junior staff saying they will take a issue to HR knowing that they are in the green, but because the issue being filed is against a manager, the manager seems to come out swinging and winning???

In the current landscape, we see good workers leaving a whole company because a top manager is trying to show who is boss. Most times it’s more feelings based than performance related. Good employees leave managers not a company. This is because HR has failed to adequately and succinctly deal the matter expeditiously or fairly. I’ve seen a junior staff FIRED for wearing flip flops because her feet could not longer fit into “appropriate work’ shoes as she was pregnant. Her manager took it up with HR and she was dismissed. Where was the HUMANITY in Human Resources? Where was the discretion?

Listed below are the 7 HRM functions:

  • Talent hiring.
  • Onboarding.
  • Training management.
  • Performance appraisal.
  • Workforce engagement.
  • Payroll management.
  • Compliance management.

But of note, is that the FAIR workforce management and engagement is not complicit in this department. All other functions such as recruiting, payroll and onboarding seems to be floating just enough; But whereas as correct employee engagement is concerned, they need to step the game up as they are grossly lacking in this area. It would seem the HR departments themselves who are responsible to training, would themselves need training. So who trains the trainer?

Equal Rights and Justice

What is it about our local HR departments that are supposed to be showing Equal Rights and Justice for ALL, (que ISHAWNA) but, instead are showing the narrative that they are anything but fair across the board. HR departments and professionals in Jamaica are anything but honest and fair.They will help top management sink you faster than anything else, it’s almost as if they are given a handbook in how to represent maliciously without care.

As far a I see it, the local Jamaican HR landscape is designed to hammer the “subordinates into submission” and need a complete overhaul.A manager will make a complaint against a junior staff without proper or correct evidentiary support and the HR department completely ignores the correct protocols to deal with complaints- which means both parties are to be made aware of the issue in written form and then based of assessment, an internal hearing may be held to determine fair and justified outcome.

Not only have I been on the receiving end of a top manager’s less that favourable stance towards me, but since being a trainer, I’ve had followers and friends reach out to me asking for advice on how to deal with matters related to sloppy HR tactics or management trying to flex their muscles. But no one seems to addressing this issue.


 Managing the right way can win you improved productivity and less employee turnover. -Pocket HRMS

Will this change? From top corporate conglomerates to the MOM and POP businesses. When are we gonna call them out? You see, employee bahaviour and work environment are correlated. So if the employees are unhappy because they feel unjustly targeted or unfairly compensated or uninspired because of events at work, they will undoubtedly pass on the negative feelings to the customers. So the onus is on the top management ensure the HR functions are equally sustained across the board regardless of position, title or rank in the organisation.

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