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HI I’m Terrian. I like being comfy and different.

About Us

With over 5 years experience working in a 9-5 in a supervisory position, managing a team and working remotely, I quickly realized that office politics was not for me. I got married and wanted to focus on growing my family.

But, then, I felt like I was losing my identity, so I started working online as a general VA. As my business grew and I got clients, I noticed that most of them had one thing in common, no real customer journey mapping that created an experience.

This along with an experience I had at a car wash helped to morph my business into The Bleu Canvas. I wanted to help small business entrepreneurs stand out and amplify their sales by creating that X factor and building a more customer centric environment. I offer customer service training and customer journey mapping along with creating a unique X factor that work together to make your business stand out.

Small and medium size enterprises are losing sales and customer referrals because of a poor customer journey and poor customer service. Throughout the life of a business we know that 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers.

So I went on a mission to help businesses increase sales and customer referrals by creating unique buying experiences through harnessing the power of customer feedback and having an engaging customer service. Hotjar has some great information on how to harness the power of customer feedback.

To elevate the buyer’s shopping experience, I look at all the touch points (points of interaction) that the customer has with your brand and work on designing an Elevated Customer Experience based on your customer responses. This is the transformation premise that the ‘The Bleu Revue’ program is built on. One that is focused on building a culture within the business that is customer centric.

The idea behind the program is to ingrain a culture that is built on feedback gathered from the view point of the owner, staff (if any) and most importantly the customer.

The biggest potential for growth comes from our customers, but most businesses do not actively engage in this aspect of business as they do not see the real value in getting feedback and making improvements. Give the customers what they want and they will keep coming back.

I then look at how we can implement these responses in the business while still remaining true to what the brand stands for and without losing its identity. Together, we will then design a branded ‘differentiating factor’ that is unique to your business and one that is built on creating trust and adding value which translates into an increase in sales and brand loyalty. 

The biggest potential for growth comes from our current customers, but most small businesses do not actively engage in this aspect of business as they do not see the real value in getting feedback and making improvements.

5 years of corporate experience and another 5 working in my husband’s practice has taught me that an engaged/involved customer is one of the most important investments one can make in their business.

..Tony Hsieh-Zappos CEO:

We take most of the money we could have spent on paid advertising and put it back into the customer experience. Then we let our customers do our marketing.

He also believed that most shoppers need an emotional connection to buy and if we can make an emotional connection, we can create a customer for life.

We think you are wonderful. We are greatly appreciative and will hope to come back to you soon.

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