Engage 360 Customer Service Training Program

Weak Fence

A Chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Running a business without structure is never wise and that includes your customer service plan of action. But before we get into training the staff. I like to focus on three main areas. The Company Culture, Employee Engagement and Customer Retention Plan. This customer Service Training program will focus on the three pillars and the fourth is the training itself. Having a high staff turnover comes from employees feeling devalued, unappreciated and uninvolved. In Engage 360 customer service training program we will work on designing a culture that suits your brand characteristics and traits, such as being team oriented and compassionate. Once we cover the culture we will look at how engaged your staff in, such as, succession planning, employee incentives and benefits. Then, with those bases covered will work on a customer retention plan and finally we will conduct our 3 hour training.

Your staff will be a major factor in your business. Why not invest in them? If you want your business to grow, invest in your employees. “Train people well enough to leave, treat them well enough that they won’t want to’ – Richard Branson. Your employees are your greatest asset, let us help you nurture them.

Does this sound like your staff?

Do you have employees that seem demotivated and are doing the bare minimum? Do they steal time from the company to do personal errands? Are they coming in late and leaving earlier? Do they have an unprofessional attitude at work that passes on to your customers and then eats away at your sales?

If these are some of the problems you are facing with your employees let me help you to identify your weak points. Wether it be, your company culture or your lack of adequate employee engagement strategies or are you hiring the wrong fit? Or maybe they just need some training.

Together we will explore the Four Pillars of my training workshop. The Company Culture, Employee Engagement Strategies, Customer Retention Plan and Training.

About Me

I’m Terri, a fun loving mom of two active boys. Five years ago I left my corporate job as a supervisor of a team of 30-40, where I would be in charge of recruiting, hiring, training and releasing. I became a wife and mom and have since decided that the 9-5 was not my calling. I now work in my own business helping small businesses train their staff to deliver an elevated customer experience. Ohhh and one more thing. I’m a country come to town. So expect a lil sass.

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